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Spam and forum upgrade

PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:00 am
by Beerhunter
As some of you maybe aware we have been hit with quite a lot of spam posts (ok halve a dozen but that half a dozen too many in my book) in the last couple of days :(
This evening I've been cleaning out various posts and spammer accounts, however this is only a temp solution, tomorrow night I plan a more radical solution;

  • Upgrade the forum software to the latest version. Unfortunately this is not as straightforward as it should be due to the custom modifications I've done to the forum that intergrate the toolbar registration with the forum software.
  • Once that is done, any posts by a new user will go onto a moderation queue before being visible to other users.
I know its a pain for all of us, but it seems the only way to combat the rising number of attempts to spam
So tomorrow evening/night the forum will be down whilst I work on it.