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Feature request - Show best performing estate agents

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Feature request - Show best performing estate agents

Postby wozie on Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:05 am


Im liking the PB idea, very good and it works well, a few popup errors but im happy with it and how it works.

I was thinking, I am going to be instructing an estate agent in my area shortly to sell my property but I think it would be great to show (either via separate search on your site or in the browser addon) more information about the agents. So each property has an agent, it would be great to see who sells more property, ie I search for a town/city name, ie Leeds and I get shown the top 20 estate agents in the area and can order by properties listed at the moment or the amount of properties sold/de-listed in the past month.
I think this could help me make a determination of which agent I should use to sell my property as it could show more proactive sellers rather than the agents who just sit there and hope someone buys a property. It could also show average sale time. Maybe it could show who is better at selling terrace houses compared to detached etc.

I think this data wouldnt be perfect as there are different sized / nationwide agents and this could hide small operators but its better to have this info than not to make an informed decision rather then a "I like this sales board over that board".

Anyways, just an idea and if anyone knows of this info or similar, please share the info :D
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Re: Feature request - Show best performing estate agents

Postby Nethouseprices on Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:34 pm


Thanks for your email and thoughts on this. Unfortunately this is not something that will be available on Property Bee, perhaps in the future.

We have much more information available on our sister website if you'd like to make use of this:

Our Find Agent directory lists all the agents' details with a link to their properties and agents can have their logo next to properties that they have sold.

If you have further queries please advise.

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