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PB Sidebar not refreshing correctly & CSV export not right

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PB Sidebar not refreshing correctly & CSV export not right

Postby vickyw on Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:31 pm

Hi All,

I'd be grateful for any advice as I'm not sure if I'm using PB incorrectly or if it's broken?

PB Sidebar - Properties for sale view

If I change the search criteria in Rightmove to a new area I would expect the results on the sidebar to change when I click refresh. But rather than change area the sidebar simply adds all the new results in (a cumulative list of everything I've ever searched) never clearing away the results from previous rightmove searches, which can be frustrating if I want to focus down into one particular part of the market. Is it supposed to work that way?

The only way I could clear the list was by uninstalling/reinstalling PB. But even then, when I exported to CSV the file contained hundreds of rows (relating to my previous searches) rather than just the 40 or so results currently on the screen in the sidebar?

Also there are properties that appear on Rightmove, but not on the sidebar at all?

Where am I going wrong. Any help would be appreciated

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